Offshore Adriatic

  • Client: Confidential information
  • Location: Italy - Adriatic Sea
  • Turbine Equipment: Windcube LIDAR
  • Total Capacity:
  • Completed: 2017-09-07
  • Homes Powered:


Installation of a Windcube LIDAR on a gas extraction platform located in the Adriatic Sea. This particular type of installation involves:

  • transport of the Windcube by boat in accordance with the current navigation code
  • use of the platform crane with special transfers
  • complexity of on-site coordination due to the high sensitivity of the operations carried out and the danger of the site where the installation was carried out
  • specific design of positioning, the anchoring and the cabling of the measuring station
  • specific materials and equipment suitable for the particular environmental, climatic and fauna conditions of the installation site.