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Idnamic è un’azienda certificata UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015  e ISO 45001:2018 e dal 1994 opera nel settore dell’installazione,  manutenzione e gestione di torri per la misurazione del vento e per l’analisi e l’elaborazione dei dati del vento. Noi siamo il primo passo che è necessario compiere per realizzare impianti di produzione di energia da fonte eolica e siamo coloro che forniscono servizi essenziali per la realizzazione e la gestione dei parchi eolici


To be a leader in quality, efficiency and effectiveness in technical services oriented to wind measurement, focussing on:


To be a reference point in the world, in terms of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in technical services for the installation of anemometric towers and wind measurement.
To reach our objectives, we adapt to market demands, showing commitment and paying constant attention to the use of new systems, approvals and certifications for the development of a quality product. For this reason, we are in contact with engineers and certification bodies, as well as with producers and universities with the objective of developing a product that is always adapted to market needs.


To offer the best quality of service at the best price in all segments of the market in which we are present


To constantly increase the value of the company through the expansion of the variety of services offered without reducing the quality.


Innovation as a factor of sustainable strategic growth and determining factor of the quality of service.


To guarantee and constantly improve safety in the workplace to build safe, accident-free systems


Claudio Monteforte
CEO & Founder
The protection of the plant also depends on us
Maurizio Panfilo Corvino
`` There is no wind to lose! `` Quote.
Gianfranco Tolace
Technical director
"The earth is not an inheritance received from our Parents, but instead is a loan that will be returned to our children " Quote.
Giuseppe Russo
Operation director
Our objective is to reach the world, to offer people a natural, clean and economical energy resource
Giuseppe Caraccio
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Italy occupies seventh place in the world with regard to wind capacity, we must continue on this path, especially to preserve our planet
Deny Antonino
Technical engineer
`` When there is no energy, there is no colour, there is no form, and no life ''. Quote
Giuliano Maria Morgantini
Purchasing director
Climate change is real. The challenge is exciting and the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to solve the problem

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