Installazione torri anemometriche

Installation of anemometric towers

We have more than twenty years of experience in the installation of more than 5000 different types of anemometric towers throughout the world: lattice towers, tubular and self-supporting towers. We supply anemometric towers of up to 140 m in height, produced exclusively with the best materials, designed and  certified to be used in extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds gusts of wind and ice. We use hot-dip galvanized steel (EN ISO 1461) that is corrosion-resistant and high-protection paints (EN ISO 12944). All the anemometric towers installed comply with the Eurocode rules and the IEC-61400 rules.We offer services of:

  • turnkey installation of permanent and temporary towers, both for sale and for rent
  • Power Curve Verification service
  • Inspection, maintenance and disassembly service

Types installed

  • Lattice
  • Tubular
  • Self-supporting




Safety is our fundamental value, both for the towers supplied and for the personnel in charge of the installation, in permanent formation and training in the prevention and management of accidents. All the towers installed have certified fall protection systems according to the latest European standards.

The steel anti-climbing systems protect the equipment installed and prevent non-accredited or unqualified personnel from climbing the tower. The low-consumption night signal lights for aircraft complete the installation.
Thanks to the special assembly kits made of stainless steel, each type of sensor can be installed in any type of tower. The independent earth connection systems for the data loggers and the anemometric tower guarantee effective protection against lightning damage.


Idnamic supplies and installs a wide range of sensors of the best manufacturers in the world and that represent the high point of wind technology at all times: RNRG, Thies Clima, vector, joven, Vaisala, Ornytion, Gill, Kipp & Zonen, Galltec by Apple. On order, it is possible to install anemometers certified by MEASNET.


This is the heart of the anemometric measuring system and IDNAMIC selects them to help in the precision of the measurements with high reliability and sturdiness, regardless of the environmental conditions of operation. We install loggers of manufacturers such as: RNRG, Campbell Scientific, Ammonit, Kintech. The sensors and data loggers are guaranteed against surges and with safeguards and suitable earth connection systems.

Communication systems

The anemometric tower is equipped with systems of remote transmission of the data acquired
using GSM / GPRS / 3G / CDMA technology using the SIM M2M card. When land coverage is not sufficient it is possible to install satellite communication systems (such as Iridium, BGAN), compatible with the characteristics of the data logger installed, the data are received in remote mode through the HTTP configuration and protocols HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Modbus TCP/RTU.

Wind farm supervisioning system


Installation of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) fed by solar or wind energy for the operation of all the electronic devices of the towers. It is also possible to install AC / DC converters for stations that can connect to the power source. An appropriate dimensioning of the UPS allows the operation of the instruments and the devices even for many days with no power source.