Periodic inspections of the anemometric towers and maintenance are essential to guarantee the safety conditions and extend their lifetime. Idnamic recommends an inspection of the tower after the first year, after 2 years, after 5 years and then every year from the time of the installation.

Idnamic has highly specialized personnel, certified by the manufacturers of anemometric towers to perform work at height and also trained for offshore installations. Inspection and maintenance are focused on the following elements:

  • tower structure (structural elements, walkways, loose or missing bolts, ...)
  • finish (paint and galvanizing, rust, water drains ...)
  • signal lamps
  • earth connection and lightning protection
  • foundation and basic structure (soil, water, cement, ...)
  • fall protection system
  • related sensors and installation support
  • data loggers and related data transmission devices
  • energy generation systems (solar, micro-eolic and grid connection energy)

The maintenance and repair of the tower and its equipment is essential with the purpose of detecting any malfunction due to diverse causes (e.g. lightning, vandalism, etc.) as soon as possible and immediate repair to prevent loss of data.

At the end of each inspection and possible maintenance intervention, the personnel of Idnamic prepares a detailed report which includes photographs and all the information necessary to unequivocally identify the intervention and the elements involved. During maintenance, precise operational controls are performed and any service intervention on the instrumentation, taking care to correctly manage the calibration certificates of the sensors at any time during the anemometric campaign.

Idnamic pays great attention to the environmental impacts relating to the management of the waste produced by the activities carried out, complying with the rules on transport and waste management in the countries where it operates. Idnamic also implements internal procedures aimed at minimizing environmental impact of the activities by documentation and monitoring of waste management in detail and the management of the sites before and after the works.


All products installed of EU origin and the services provided are fully guaranteed for 2 years within the EU, while the guarantee is of one year outside the EU.